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April 2, 2009

Chip Tsao “War at Home”

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Mr Chao has the right to his own opinion. But mistreated our OFW’s is a big deal. In the first place he had no right or even his fellowmen to maltreat their servants whether it’s Filipinos or not. He is degrading our country. If his blood boiled when he heard the news much more mine when I read his articles posted on HK magazine last 27 titled “War at Home”.  How ironic!  

Chip Tsao

Chip Tsao


For my thinking, there is much deeper about this situation. He took it personal. You’re nothing but a loser now Mr Tsao, you’re putting yourself to a limelight of nothing. Why don’t try too look at your country, is your beloved land are free of controversy?  Where those  SARS and Melamine come? Oh! I don’t have to elaborate everything because I guess you are aware of it. Why don’t you focused on that issue? I guess that issues need more attention. I doubt, your country men are happy of what you have done. You’re a shamed!

You can no longer browse the original Articles. HK Magazine deleted it to avoid long run criticisms. How clever. But still, I include the clippings for reference.


March 31, 2009

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

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In the year 1521, the Jesuit replaced by the Fraciscan in Antipolo and organizes the village into a parish. Fr. Pedro Chirino and Fr. Francisco Almarique (missionaries) were few of them who built a chapel in Sitio Sta. Cruz. The first Homily in tagalong was delivered in a mass, celebrated at what is now known as the PINAGMISAHAN

By the year 1601, in attendance, 3,000 Christian inhabits in Antipolo. At the same period, Aetas or Negritos the aborigines of the Philippines significally dwindled, they move deeper into the mountains to escape.  To try to bring them back to the village, the missionaries offered them the fertile lands to till.  Father Almarique gave them all the services the church can provide. The congregations known as the La Anunciata that composes of the students and villagers continued their cohesive devotion to the Blessed Virgen by consistently celebrating the Feast of Anunciata.

Don Juan Niño de Tabora left the coast of Acapulco Mexico, aboard the galleon “El Almirante” to makes its voyage to the Philippines on March 25, 1626.  On his trip, The Governor brought on board the brown image of the Blessed Virgin Mother.  For three months of journey, the El Almirante safely sailed and bravely faced the dangers of the stormy seas, and a fired aboard the ship.  On July 18, 1626 the El Almirante arrived in the ports of Manila.  Governor Tabora realizing that the galleon’s safe and successful journey was due to the presence of the image of the Blessed Virgin.  Amidst pageantry and fireworks, the religious procession started from the Church of San Ignacio, the Jesuit Church in Intramuros, up to the Minster of Manila Cathedral, which become the first residence of the Blessed Virgin’s image.  Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buenviaje was named to the image for the events of the safe voyage of the El Almirante. 

The Blessed Virgin

The Blessed Virgin

Before Governor Tabora died in 1632, he bequeaths the image at Sitio Sta. Cruz at Antipolo City and turned over the care to Jesuit fathers who were then constructing a church of Antipolo.  The Church was specifically built for the Blessed Virgin. But the attempts of the Jesuit Fathers to move the image to the Church of Antipolo were futile, because the image lost several times and always found on the trunk of the Tipolo Tree, which grew in the original site of the old church. Because of these unusual incidents, it was decided to erect the church at that place under the administration of Fr. Juan de Salazar in 1632. The rebels burned the church in 1639, miraculously, the image was unharmed

During the occupation of the Japanese, the Blessed Image of the Virgin was evacuated to the mountains of Angono, then to Santolan. The five hundred people who journeyed with the Brown Virgin all felt safe through their trips along steep mountain trails. Upon the orders of the Governor General the Virgin was brought to Cavite and stayed for 14 years.

Ten years from the said incident the Blessed Virgin was renamed to “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage” after it’s five times travel to Acapulco, Mexico before it rested permanently in the town 

Antipolo Church

Antipolo Church

When the Blessed Virgin, was finally transferred to its original and permanent sanctuary, the Church of Antipolo. The devotees commemorate the transfer every year, as they join the “Alay Lakad” from Quiapo Church to the Antipolo Minster starting 8:00 p.m. every 30th of April until dawn of the following day 1st of May.

Suman, Mangga, Kasoy

Suman, Mangga, Kasoy

Every month of May, the famous town of Antipolo, becomes a beehive of activity and vibrancy as thousand of people from different places flock to this City to pay homage to the miraculous “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage”, lilting the tune of native songs, and relish the delicacy of Antipoleños the “Suman” Mangga and Kasoy or cashew nuts. or what they called “SUMAKAH”

March 30, 2009

The Author

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I’m angelinsideofme, 2nd of 6 siblings. my parents is a native of Bay-bay Leyte. But, I never been there, since i was born.  (chuckles)

I was born at Maramag Bukindon. Before, my life is very crucial, leaving of many obstacle and no one to lean on, it was so pathetic. I was separated to my family when I was  in fift grade and become a working student, until I finished my college. However, I never let my self down to all the dilemmas and discouragement.

I’m now residing at Antipolo City, and working as an Office Assistant for almost 11 years. The storm of my life is over. I am now living with contentment even though trials are always there.  But it is not impossible with the help of Almighty God.

With Family and friends who love’s me unconditionally. I guess, I have nothing more to ask for.  

March 28, 2009


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Friendship isn’t always easily described. The feelings they say, have a different kind of emotions. The skaters, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language isn’t quite as innovative, though it has gigantic opportunities to differentiate meaning. Certainly, Love is one of those opportunities. And so, as Friendship.

Instead of different words, however, we’re stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend, Best friend, Childhood friend, Intimate friend, Trusted friend and Beloved friend. either you use adjectives or different words,  some people could deny the fact of the infinite meaning in such a simple word.

Friends are special people. We can’t pick our family for they are the most people in our lives, and we’re sorely incomplete in the number of them at any rate. Society and mores (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.

My Sisters, my mentors, my friends.

Ate Red

Ate Red

Ate Red or I used to call Redtot, and Ate Rizza, that I used to call (Pasaway) for being so annoying, are so dear to me, I known them at OFWzone48 or chat room of OFWzone48, I meet them last August 2008, the first Eb of OFW48 and the second times was on 8th of March 2009, the Charity scouting and Eb Venue Hunting for SWIMJ.

Ate Red

Ate Red

My first impression of ate Red is friendly, sweet, bubbly and out spoken. While Ate Rizza is quite, secluded person (peace).  After a month of staying at OFWzoon48, I found Ate Rizza for being so humorous, candid and charming. As the saying, don’t judge the book by its cover. 

Ate Red, Ate Rizza thanks for being there always, for my ups and downs, for my sentimental moment and for the time that I need you. You guys never hesitate to help me even both of you are busy.   Thanks also for encouraging me, for giving me hope and strength to cope up everything and for taken me out to the grave where I buried my self.   Thank you, thank you, thank you

Two lovely girls that I meet in OFWzone48, Is now part of my life, My Sisters, my mentors and my friends. I love you guys.

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